Shave Soap

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Chemical free hand made shaving  soap loaded with skin loving beneficial oils and butters.

Use a natural bristle brush of choice, soak it in hot water for 30sec, lather up in circles in container for about 45sec or until you get a lot of bubble action. Next apply to warm damp face in circular motion until face is completely covered,  depending on your preference you may need to apply more than once if you want to see a thick layer on your face. Use a single blade or double blade shaver (preferably one without that strange strip at the top) to clean up that stubbly face.

Contains: olive, coconut, *castor, avocado oils, *cocoa and mango butters, vit.E, organic aloe vera extract, *kaolin clay, activated charcoal, water, sodium hydroxide.

Natural 20 lavender, bergamot. patchouli EO
Stuntman citrus, rosemary, geranium, lavender, pine EO