Glacial Clay Cleansers


Brand Trillium Soaps and Candles

A little goes a long way with this amazing blend of herbs a clay's. 

Use: scoop small amount into hand use equal parts liquid of choice(floral water/apple cider vinegar/water) to make a paste, apply to warm damp face and neck using upward circular strokes, rinse off or let sit for 15min and then rinse off. Your skin will feel so loved!


Herbal Contains 100% organic: nettles, ashwaganda, oatstraw, kaolin, Canadian glacial clays, horsetail, flax seeds, gotu kola, raw cocoa butter, geranium EO, ground petals of rose, lavender and calendula.

Mocha Contains 100% organic:  Canadian glacial  Clay, Kaolin Clay, coffee,  raw cocoa powder,  raw cocoa butter,  ground petals Rose, lavender, calendula.