Time is something that rushes past us every second, every minute and every hour. It's what motivates us to move faster, work harder and keep moving forward.

But a movement is starting, where slowly, people are taking back time. They are breathing deep, walking slower and enjoying the moments instead of running past them. They are learning to bake bread, the way our grandma's did, or brew beer, with natural and organic ingredients.

We are part of this movement in our own way, by making products by hand, with ingredients we can be proud of using and you can be excited about indulging in.

Trillium Soaps and Candles are handmade in beautiful Nelson British Columbia.  This special place we call home isn't just where we enjoy our spare time, it also influences the ingredients, which are local to our beautiful province, British Columbia and from other beautiful Countrys of the world.

We take time to hand make and hand pour each bar of soap and candle, and because we want you to feel good about the products you're using, we have chosen to create ethical and chemically/synthetic free products. We only use ingredients that are animal-friendly, and not tested on our animal friends.

Our candles are Kosher and Vegan certified ecosoya-soy wax, and our lotions, soaps and other products are lead free, with no parabens, no sulfates no paraffins and no phthalates.

At the end of the day, when you find the time after kids are asleep, emails have been answered, we hope you find time for Trillium Soaps and Candles. We love making them, especially for you.