A movement is starting, where slowly, people are taking back time. They are breathing deep, walking slower and enjoying the moments instead of running past them. They are learning to bake bread, the way our grandma's did, or brew beer, with natural and organic ingredients.

  We are part of this movement in our own way, by making products by hand, with ingredients we can be proud of using and you can be excited about indulging in. We take time to hand make, cut and hand pour each bar of soap and candle, because we want you to feel good about the products you're using, we have chosen to create ethical and synthetic free products.

We use ingredients that are ethically and sustainably sourced, our packaging is reusable and recyclable.

Our candles use kosher, vegan soy wax, we choose to use lead free cotton wicks.

No bad stuff here!

You won’t find any: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, PEGs, mineral oils, palm oils, sulphates, silicones, GMOs. 

Our products are owner and family tested-animal friendly and not tested on animals. 

Everything is infused and derived from real ingredients.


Each and every candle and tea light is poured by hand.

 Every soap bar is delicately cut to ensure that you enjoy an ultimate Trillium experience.

We have worked seamlessly to provide a beautiful product that is both ethical and luxurious for you. 

We are Handmade with Love in Nelson British Columbia.
We take pride in using high quality raw and as much organic ingredients from local Canadian farms and farms from afar.