Trillium Flower Refills

Refills?....What a great idea!
This is so much better than buying a whole new candle holder again.
Just wipe the remaining liquid wax from your vessel with some paper towel, and insert the refill you can try something new everytime or stick to your fav!
These could even be used in somethng you already have at home, just waiting for a Trillium Soy Wax Insert!

*Caution: The jar size should be really close to the insert or it may not burn right...and thats no good! So make sure to size it right.
**Also these refills are not pillar candles. If you don't put it in a proper sized candle jar you will have a big mess to clean up

 Swirling Ball Refill=125g
The Urn with Flowered Lid Refill= 120g
The Flower Refill= 220g

Refills are wrapped in waxy tissue with scent strip. Please remove all packaging before placing in your candle jar and trim the wick to 1/4"